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What is Weddingbee?

WeddingBee is the place where women and grooms meet for information, guidance, and retreats at various stages of their worship, life, and wedding planning. Whether you are going to a wedding or a, there is something for everyone here.

On the off chance that you love all things weddings, follow our bee bloggers as they save their travels to appreciate the honeymoon. For wedding planning, style and elegance or top tips on love and marriage, our articles have you covered. Buy Weddingbee reviews to increase your online credibility.

Who are the bees?

  • The Bee is a curated gathering of bloggers who love weddings and share thoughts with other prospective brides and grooms.
  • You can learn more about each honey bee by reviewing the shorter-than-usual profile below each post, or by tapping on the honey bee’s name to see each of their posts and wedding dates.

What does the character’s name mean?

Weddingbee is named after the site’s author Bee Kim. Her idea for the site was Mrs. Honey Bee, and to maintain each honey bee’s privacy, they each chose a character with a related symbol.

What does each one of these contractions mean?

For a truly complete rundown of the usual WeddingB contractions, check out this link.

How do I use the board?

You don’t need to bother with an account to peruse postings on the boards, however, you’ll need one if you need to start a string or comment. Whenever you create an account, you can start commenting and asking the Weddingbee People group for advice, merchant references, and more. Before posting, if it’s not too much trouble, use the search to verify your query to find the answer to your question. Whether pre-posted or not, because a large number of similar searches are effectively posted. Similar accounts work for both boards and classifieds.

How do I change or delete a comment on the board?

Clients cannot delete comments on the board, but you can change comments for one hour after posting.

I posted a string on some unacceptable board–how would it be a good idea for me to respond?
You don’t have to do anything. A hive lady will usually go along and order it on the right board.

What is a hive hostess?

Hive leaders help invite new people and keep our local area warm and healthy. You can learn more about our Hive Hostesses here and discover how to get one here!

How will I be able to communicate with other clients?

You can directly contact anyone with a board/character account by tapping the client’s name and “Send a private message to connect”.

How do I use classifieds?

As with boards, you don’t need to bother with an account to read posts, but you will need one to compose or comment on posts. Similar accounts work for both boards and classifieds.

There are three types of classified ads you can post:

Available for Purchase – Where clients can post items available for purchase

Free Offer – Where clients can post things they need to participate

Looking for – where clients can post about specific things they are looking for

Classified brides, groomsmen, and wedding party individuals are planned to exchange with each other. Please do not use classifieds to promote your wedding business! Ads that violate our self-promotion policy will be removed

How do I post a string or a board or classified comment?

Each board has a “banner” connection at the bottom of the string. If your banner is a post, one of our moderators will investigate it as soon as possible Note that not all banners are eligible for feedback and that moderators are volunteers who are usually not prepared to deal with local area policy violations immediately.

Why is my comment not showing up?

Blog comments, articles, boards or sections that contain long or multiple links are naturally moderated. Anyway, decided to send some comments regularly to control our spam channel. We usually clear our control line for the duration of the day so you can see it appear on site within a few hours. If you don’t see your comment after 60 minutes, if it’s not too much trouble, email us at or post in our support section.

I’m a seller, can I be interested in Weddingbee reviews?

Businesses are welcome to comment on any part of Weddingbee, but they may not use email addresses, advance their administration or use private messaging clients. Sellers are similarly not allowed to transfer images to the gallery.

Does Weddingbee accept guest posts?

Weddingbee accepts guest posts from real women as it were. Our visitor posts come in two formats: Real Weddings and Real Budgets. For more information on submitting an actual wedding/financial plan, go here. Our editors will periodically request guest posts from people and organizations we really appreciate working with, yet due to the sheer volume of messages in our inbox, we don’t enjoy any unsolicited PR or guest post messages coming our way. If you send us an unsolicited visitor post that appears to be looking for a link, we will not respond and we will not accept them. If you work with an item or administration and want to work with us on a supported substance, visit our campaign page for more information and contact us accordingly.

I have a good idea for the wedding. Who would it be a good idea for me to send it to?

We have an ideas forum where you can propose ideas and our clients can decide on them!

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