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GreatSchools is the leading public nonprofit engaging parents to unlock educational freedom for their children GreatSchools helps parents find the right school for their family and improve schools in their network by hiding ratings and school information. A large number of articles, tips, and intuitive tools help parents consistently support their child’s learning and development.

Families, community leaders and strategists visit Great Schools for school information to help guide children to incredible destinations.

Is GreatSchools a solid source?

“Great schools are my greatest asset,” Robinson said. Another study found that excellent school ratings can influence where residential voucher families decide to live — an indicator that low-income families are using scores to choose schools.

Are GreatSchools reviews mysterious?

Take a survey about your school at Your audit is anonymous and parents, educators and students 13 and older in K-12 schools pause for one minute to write.

The meaning of the rating may be a little clearer.

GreatSchools ratings are a list of how well schools do based on certain ratios of academic achievement. Compare this to any remaining students in the state. Verifiably, GreatSchools ratings are based exclusively on how well students do on government-sanctioned tests compared to other students in the state.

How do GreatSchools ratings work?

Grade Rating estimates the academic ability of schools by using state tests across subjects and assessments to assign a 1-10 rating for each school (at or above student achievement level).

Can schools delete reviews?

We do not exclude reviews because they are original or simply because a school requests that we do so Principals and school administrators can share their perspectives by following a school record

How do you compose a decent school survey?

The instructors are amazing, the educational program is top notch and every kid is treated with care. My child is also going to this school. If you have any questions, please take a quick trip and see (PN) and he will reassure you. I am honored that a portion of the same educators who encouraged me are also showing my children.

How are school ratings determined?

The California School Rating Rank is determined by a school’s percentage compared to other similar schools in California (1 being most noticeably awful, 10 being excellent). Percentages are determined by California School Ratings based on 2016 CAASPP test scores.

How important are school ratings when buying a home?

If you do not have children, or if your young children have matured outside the school framework, you can buy the house in any case. Indeed, incredible state-funded schools support home resale honors, yet that’s not the only reason. The nature of your home itself takes a significant portion of its resale value.

The last fate of college

School standards

We provide easy-to-understand information including K-12 school ratings, school resource information, and study results and reviews.

Community activities

At Local Area Action, we provide on-the-ground coordinators and support assemblies, materials and information to push for better schools for all children.

Parental wealth

Our parenting resources bring together stories, recordings, tips, clever devices and worksheets to help parents learn and develop their children.

GreatSchools Client Reviews

Every once in a while, we request information from clients and pamphlet supporters using the overview. Investments in this summary are discretionary and thus, it is the client’s decision whether to disclose this information. Said information may include contact information (such as name, telephone number and address) and segment information (for example, postal district and children’s assessment level). Contact information may be used to notify winners and award prizes.

GreatSchools review information will be used to monitor the use of this site and the fulfillment or drive improvement. Information you provide due to overview questions may be shared, but only in aggregate or anonymously, with advertisers and affiliates, unless we advise you otherwise at the time of collection.

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How do we write a GreatSchools review?

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How to buy GreatSchools reviews?

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