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Compiled by a group of seasoned restaurant pundits and food and travel experts, the GAYOT manuals are educational, authoritative and clever. Most importantly, they come out with the plain truth of the matter! Since 1981, “The Best Of” guides in English have been guiding readers around the world on their journey to the best. What’s more, since 1995, “Restaurant” guides have covered everything to think about in the food and restaurant scenes of notable American urban communities. The Gayot Review Manual is now published by, a comprehensive site for up-to-date travel and restaurant information.

Butcher Shop Restaurant Review:

About the restaurant:

The brainchild of gourmet expert/restaurateur Barbara Lynch, The Butcher Shop is a simple yet quirky haute charcuterie and wine bar launched in the heart of the South End. Its charm lies in its striking simplicity. The bar has about six stools; A writing board records daily wine specials; Behind the tasting room is a bar-length wooden butcher’s square, where freshly made salamis, forcemeat and cured hams hang in glass cases.

About the food:

The menu is small but solid, from thick, country-style to fresh pork wieners. Charcuterie comes small and large and fills the headliners as a tempting secret, highlighting tagliatelle bolognese and steaks. End your indulgence with coconut cake or chocolate terrine.

About the drink:

The wine list features Old World contributions from Italy, France and Spain, yet doesn’t shy away from exposure. Mixed drinks are likewise accessible.

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